Entrepreneurs & Investors Night March 29, 2018


Axel Schultze describing the key Silicon Valley Edge - Mindset


Jonathan Siegel, the power of understanding and learning from failure.


Well Attended event - about 100 people came for the event

Where and When?

Date: 29. March 2018, 18.30 doors open, 19.00 to 21.30 
Entrance fee: Free
Location: Shibuya EDGEof easy to find next to Tower Records in Shibuya 

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Event Details

World Innovations Forum and Society3 are being taken to a new level and Axel Schultze, founder and CEO is coming to Tokyo and wants to meet you! 

What we'll do


This event is for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs (corp. innovation labs), investors, innovation enabler and government officers. Topic of the night is about how a group of entrepreneurs and investors from around the world are going to build a digital innovation community that can be permanently connected and start doing business on a global scale already as startups.

The Society3 founders, are on tour to share the vision with smart and agile entrepreneurs and investors from around the world to create something that has never been done before:

"We are wanting to create a 'meta culture' of innovative minds. We all want a culture of thinking big, the sky is the limit, making the impossible a reality. We commit to share experience, know how and challenges and learn from each other always and anywhere."

We are taking the Silicon Valley culture to an all new level. Our region is the world and no longer a valley. We envision a world where prosperity is available to all countries by accelerating innovation and entrepreneurship locally.


In June 2018 we are kicking off the global network architecture at the World Innovations Forum 2018, which is held in Switzerland this year.


• What to bring
A smile, a great spirit and a global innovative mind. The event is free.


• Important to know
This event is about getting an idea how a group of entrepreneurs and investors from around the world are going to build a digital innovation community that can be permanently connected and start dealing on a global scale already as startups.




19:00 Greeting by Swiss Embassy Science & Technology Officer Dr. Thomas Meyer
19:05 Introduction to Society3 and World Innovations Forum by Axel Schultze (founder)
19:30 Panel Discussion "Global startup and innovation ecosystems in US, Europe and Japan"
20:00 Startup Pitches
20:45 Networking
21:30 Closing


Panel Discussion:
"Global Innovation Ecosystems in Europe, USA and Japan"

Our panel discussion will feature Dr. Yoshiaki Ishii, Director for Venture policy at METI,
Prof. Sushi Suzuki from Kyoto Institute of Technology, Moowi Kim, COO at Tamecco and Jonathan Siegel from Xenon Ventures.


Introduction of Panelists:


Yoshiaki Ishii, Director of Venture Policy at METI

Ever since getting his start at the government’s Small and Middle Enterprise Agency back in 1992, Ishii has shaped his career almost exclusively around supporting young companies of every ilk. Now, he is the director of the New Business Policy Office in the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) and responsible for determining how to execute the government’s newly adopted mission of supporting local startups.

Sushi Suzuki, Associate Professor at Kyoto Institute of Technology

Artist by nature, Engineer by training, and Designer by desire, Sushi Suzuki is an associate professor at the Kyoto Institute of Technology and the KYOTO Design Lab. Previously he was part of Yocondo, a semantic product search engine in Germany, and was one of the founding members of i-kimono.com, a Japanese start-up company that handles antique kimono and accessories online. Sushi has lived over twenty years abroad in the US, France, Germany, and China and have worked in many roles including executive director of a design program at Stanford University and concept developer for Panasonic. Sushi is also an expert in design thinking, the Stanford-IDEO innovation methodology, having applied it and taught it around the globe

Moowi Kim, COO at Tamecco

Moowi began his career as an equity trader at Goldman Sachs in 2001, then at JP Morgan in 2003.  He then went to law school to finish his JD and worked at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, moving between their New York and Tokyo offices, for a total of 5 years.  He specialized in M&A practice and federal securities regulations. Afterwards, he joined Unison Capital, Japan's first buyout fund, as an investment associate in 2013. In 2014, Moowi joined Tamecco as COO.​

Jonathan Siegel, Chairman at Xenon ventures

Jonathan Siegel is Founder of Xenon Ventures, LLC, a Private Equity practice focused on small Software as a Service (SaaS) companies. Previously, Mr. Siegel founded many failed technology companies and a few that haven’t failed yet. He has a degree from UCSB in Physics & Computer Science and is pursuing a Cybersecurity Masters from Brown University. He holds a California Real Estate Broker License, a California Contractors License and certificates for: Single Engine Fixed Wing Instructor, Multi Engine and Instrument Fixed Wing Instructor as well as a Private Helicopter Pilot. Mr Siegel authored several patents, but more interestingly, a book you can purchase: The San Francisco Fallacy. He and his family spend time in California and Tokyo, Japan. If you play squash, and are on campus or one of these two places, please find him.

Axel Schultze: CEO & Founder Society3/WI Forum

"My mission: "accelerating entrepreneurship globally, double the startup success rate by 2035, increasing equality in prosperity across the globe. 

Together with other entrepreneurs, investors and startup enabler we founded the World Innovations Forum in 2017. The purpose is to create an exchange for innovative minds and globally double the startup success rate in the next 20 years. 

While Society3 is an award-winning accelerator with a well thought out training camp, the essence of Society3 is a mindset in which things get done. Startups find a space of open minded people who don’t argue why things may not work but wonder how the impossible may get done. Creating and transforming great ideas into market leading businesses through relentless execution, is only the result of such a mindset.

Published author, patent holder, won the San Francisco entrepreneurs award in 2008. In 2015 awarded one of the top 100 globally most influential startup accelerators. 

Our audience is a well curated audience consisting of Japanese corporates, startups, VCs and other investors and startup enablers. Please stay tuned for more details to come.


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Panelists for March 29 Event

Startup Line-up

1. Tamecco (COO Moowi Kim participates as panelist) 


Real Time Location Service for B2B applications 


2. Listen Field 


Agritech - improving the efficiency of agriculture by IoT tech, data analysis and drones 


 3. Xikaku 

VR/AR visualization for automotive industry 

Seed stage 


4. Swissborg 


Blockchain - for democratizing the distribution of wealth 


5. Novars


Transforming batteries into IoT devices


6. Pinmicro

B2B and B2C micro location service 


About World Innovations Forum


We see a world where rapid growth in prosperity is possible for all nations by strengthening innovation and entrepreneurship locally.


The World Innovations Forum is an annual global meeting for innovation stakeholder including entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, investors, mentors, enabler and government representatives from 25 countries to discuss and share ideas about the future of innovation and entrepreneurship. The event is put together by Society3 Group, a global innovation and entrepreneurship support organization.




About Society3

Society3’s mission is helping more entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams than ever before imaginable. Making more entrepreneurs successful increases prosperity in our society. The organization provides a Global Entrepreneurs Academy, an Entrepreneurs and Investor community and specific mentorship programs to accelerate entrepreneurship. Society3 is one of the fastest growing global funders & founders communities and was named top 100 most influential global accelerators in 2015.

The founders of Society3 and associated advisers are successful serial entrepreneurs and now helping growth stage companies and startups to gain traction, raise capital, create jobs and grow their business.




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Society3’s mission is helping more entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams than ever before possible, providing #traction #mentorship #funding #Jobs #prosperity